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  • Part Of The Crypto Gambling Foundation
  • Very Fast Withdrawals
  • Great Mobile Version
  • Few Payment Methods Accepted
  • Only One Dice Game Available

Simpledice Review

SimpleDice is a cryptocurrency gaming service with just one game! Dice! You won’t be able to locate any other games on their website. They have to offer a sleek platform that seems to function flawlessly. You may deposit utilizing various techniques if you visit and determine it is the right spot for you. One of the site’s best features is the ability to convert your cryptocurrency into fiat currency such as British Pounds, Euros, or US Dollars. This is ideal for gamblers who like a more straightforward balancing view since calculating how much you’re betting with bitcoin might be challenging. You may contact them using the live chat widget if you need to get them for any reason. They would gladly help you with any problems you may have.

To join up, go to Simpledice and click the register button. After that, choose the registration method that best meets your needs. You may use your own email address, as well as Apple, Google, and Facebook. You are now ready to play some red hot Bitcoin Dice after registering. Take your time to look around before diving in head first. Every offer at that specific moment will be included in the bonus section. Cashback and a crypto faucet are among the amazing things available, which may be utilized to try out the site. When you’re ready, choose your preferred deposit method and make a deposit. We wish you all the best! Keep reading to find out more about Simpledice.

Простой обзор

Simpledice Games

The website goes by the name Simpledice, and, by golly, it has a simple Dice game. That’s all there is to it. The name is a clear giveaway. Nonetheless, if you’re reading this review or thinking about visiting the site, it’s likely that you already knew that. Bitcoin Dice games are among the most straightforward crypto games available, and Dice websites are extremely popular right now.

All you have to do is enter your stake amount and choose a payout multiplier from the drop-down menu. You push the roll button, and your outcome is revealed in a fraction of a second. Once you have entered these parameters, the game’s UI will advise you of your possibilities of winning as well as your possible earnings.

Rewards & Bonuses

After reading our Luckydice review and visiting the platform, you’ll find that the Simpledice promos are identical to those accessible on the Luckydice platform. They are exactly the same. There’s also a progressive jackpot to be won. In other words, the winning amount keeps rising all the time until someone manages to pull off the big win. On the Simpledice bonus page, you can see what the current bonus sum is. This reward is awarded if the first seven numbers of the bet’s first-row hash are all seven, which is required. If you place a losing wager, you will not be eligible to win the jackpot. You are eligible to win a portion of the jackpot depending on the amount of your stake. For example, one percent from 50 points, ten percent from 500 points, and one hundred percent from 5,000 points are all possible.

Leaderboards are available on the site. By amassing more points than your competitors, you may get to the top of the leaderboard. It is possible to gain various bonuses by landing in different positions on different boards.

Simpledice offers cashback programs as well, which vary from 0.1 percent to 0.3 percent in value depending on your position on the site. The greater the amount of money you wager, the greater the amount of money you will get in cashback, as computed from your wagers. After that, it will be added to your account.

More Player Bonuses!

Remember that all perks and prizes, including cashback, are given to users in the form of site credits. They will be able to convert these credits into cash at a later date. There’s also a promotion for the Magic Chest. If players attain a certain amount of points, they will earn a bonus payment. The quantity of credits contained inside a chest is determined at random, although it falls within a certain range. Users may make use of the available faucet also.

  • Simpledice Magic Chests: Open regular chests and win real cash rewards!
  • Cashback Bonus: Earn cashback by playing at Simpledice.
  • Faucet: Claim the Simpledice faucet and try some Dice.
  • Tournaments: Enter regular tournaments for your chance to win real prizes.
  • Level Up Bonus: Earn a reward for climbing up the levels.

*Terms and conditions apply*

Простой бонус


The site, like the majority of crypto casinos, enables you to play with more than one cryptocurrency at the same time and offers the option to trade in other currencies. However, you must only utilize Simpledice’s exchange if you are exchanging currencies only for the purpose of playing games. If you attempt to trade and withdraw without placing a wager, you may encounter difficulties. The site has the right to prohibit the exchange of currencies at any time and without prior notice in its sole discretion. Currently Simpledice accepts only a handful of crypto coins that can be seen a little further down this page.

  • Minimum Deposit: 0.0005BTC
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.0005BTC

Customer Support

Simpledice assistance is available by email, live chat, and the site’s FAQ area. The live chat option is a curious one to have available. According to the website, it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is, on the other hand, often inactive. You submit your inquiry, and you will get a response a few hours later. This response will be sent to your email address in the form of a transcript of the live conversation. Nonetheless, there is always the possibility that you may come into a member of the crew who is actively working. We had done so once, and they were quite helpful.

The email address may be found in the terms and conditions as well as on the privacy policy page of the website. The word “legal” is used in the terms and conditions page. It specifies that if you have a complaint of any kind or want to report a vulnerability relating to Simpledice, you should contact the company’s management by email.

  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Email:
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Bitcointalk


Simpledice doesn’t have an App for Android, like its sister site, Luckydice, which has an App. Yet, we don’t think you need one. It asks if you want to add the site to your home screen when you visit it through a mobile browser. So that the platform can be easy to get to. If you plan to play a lot, this isn’t a bad idea.

The site is very user-friendly when viewed on a mobile device. We’re not sure whether it’s because our desktop monitors are more saturated, but the colors on our Android phone we used to visit Simpledice seem to be more vibrant. On a desktop computer, they seem duller and a tad more saturated.

Safety & Security

Simpledice protects player data with sophisticated encryption. It uses a 384-bit ECC key to encrypt data. These short keys enable encryption to remain competitive with computational power without resorting to longer keys. Fairness in games should not be an issue. There is a dedicated fairness page that details the mechanism for verifying the integrity of each wager made by users.

Simpledice Affiliate Program

By becoming a member of the Simpledice affiliate network, you may earn some additional money. First, you will need to go to their website and click on the affiliate symbol located on the left-hand side of the page. By clicking on this, you will be sent to the website section to create your unique referral link. Every time someone clicks on your link, deposits money, or places a bet, you will get commission. You must put your link on as many websites as possible. Your link is responsible for keeping track of the gamblers you have directed to the site. It is possible to cash out your earnings anytime you wish after you have earned enough commission to exceed the required minimum withdrawal level.

Join the Simpledice Affiliate Program on the official site.

Our Verdict

Because they are both members of the same group, this site is linked to Luckydice. They are also active members of the Crypto Gambling Foundation, so we know they are as reliable as they come. We gave them a high rating since everything, including deposits and withdrawals, are simple when we play on their site. It’s a must-see for all Dice enthusiasts, and although we like playing different crypto games, Simpledice has concentrated just on one and strives to make it the best it can be. You will not be even slightly disappointed if you visit today.

Overall Rating
  • Trust & Fairness
  • Games & Software
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Customer Support
FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Simpledice Legit?

    Yes, it is a legitimate business that prides itself on complete transparency and fairness. If you are fortunate enough to win a substantial sum of money, you will be paid promptly and without hesitation, regardless of the amount. Join today!

  • Is Simpledice Safe?

    Yes! You are very safe from prying eyes by using a SSL certificate and connecting over a secure, encrypted website connection. Nobody would even contemplate playing there if they knew their data was at risk of being stolen or misused.

  • Is Simpledice Provably Fair?

    One of the numerous advantages of this website is that their Bitcoin Dice game has been shown to be fair. This means that the games are fair. The outcomes of the games are fully unpredictable and cannot be changed at any moment throughout the game.

  • Can I Play At Simpledice On My mobile Device?

    Yes! The possibility of developing a mobile device App is even in their plans. The mobile version is ready to be played on a mobile phone or tablet right now via web browser. It's possible to play Dice on the go from any location that allows online gambling.