The Best Valorant Betting Sites

Valorant Betting Sites are capitalizing on Riot Games' first-person shooter's rapidly expanding market. Despite the fact that the game was only released in 2020, it is already one of the most popular e-sports to bet on. Since the start of the Valorant Champions Tour, online Valorant bookmakers have been very busy. The VCT is Valorant's bread and butter. That is what Valorant betting is all about! If you're looking for bookies because of the VCT, right here on Fruity Casinos, you will find the best of the bunch!


Where To Bet On Valorant?

One of the top search terms on the internet today for Valorant betting online is "Where to bet on Valorant." And it makes sense because there is so much misinformation out there. Google's advertising are doing no good. Remember that websites that are advertised are typically not the greatest option. The list of Valorant Betting Sites that you will find on are the best of the best. We only want our visitors playing gambling at the best sites that are not only safe, but also fair as well.

Valorant Betting Sites For US Players 🇺🇸

We all know that the gambling laws in the United States of America are extremely complicated. Some states allow gambling and some don't. It would impossible to keep on top of the rule changes as they change regularly. Luckily there are Valorant Gambling Sites that accept US players. Below you will find some of the sites where US players can use. We update our site regularly and will add many more in the future as they become available.

What Makes A Good Valorant Bookmaker?

The e-sports betting market is expanding globally! Ever since the first significant events that launched the entire e-sports betting scene, it has been thriving. We're talking about important e-sports betting competitions like the first several LoL Worlds and Dota 2 International tournaments. In 2020, e-sports betting sites appear to be more successful than ever. Some of the biggest names in the online gaming industry now head what was once a small group of online betting platforms. The e-sports betting ecosystem caught the interest of sports betting companies, which now have specialized hubs and standalone categories for each major e-sports title.
To rate a Valorant Bookmaker highly we look at a number of different things:


As long as you stay with the biggest, most respected online betting services, betting on Valorant online poses no risk to your personal information, just like betting on almost every other e-sport. You can be in for a few surprises if you choose a tier-B e-sports bookmaker with minimal to no security measures that doesn't care about its consumers' personal information.

Here, we're not attempting to frighten you. We simply want to make sure that you sign up with a legitimate online esports betting site rather than a dubious company that's out to steal your hard-earned money. The ideal approach to choose your next bookmaker if you're concerned you could come across such sites is to choose one from the list at the top of this page.

Many Different E-sports Betting Options

The top Valorant Betting Sites should offer real money wagering on all the other major e-sports in addition to Valorant odds and lines. E-sports bookies that don't include games like CSGO, Dota 2 and League of Legends among their e-sports markets can't really be considered to be noteworthy betting platforms because these games have excellent betting communities.

Your go-to Valorant Betting Sites should feature comprehensive specials coverage in addition to a sizable selection of e-sports markets. In other words, make sure your bookmaker offers more than just the standard match-winner wagers. E-sports promotions are a fantastic method to increase enjoyment. Given the game-play and dynamics of Valorant, there will be a tonne of specials available to wager on.

Customer Support

Customer support is something we look at extensively. It is frequently seen as the deciding element for a variety of online platforms, including those that provide real money online betting. However, a lot of individuals are either unaware of this or have completely ignored it.

This is extremely important to trustworthy bookmakers because online reviews are a big part of their success. They shouldn't have many problems with client satisfaction if they have good customer support teams that are skilled in handling even the most difficult issues. However, their revenue and popularity will start to decline quickly if their CS channels and support staff aren't up to the task.

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Good Bonuses

There is no denying that welcome bonuses are fantastic! But did you know there are other bonuses related to e-sports? Although they're a little more challenging to locate, several of the Valorant bookmakers mentioned above do offer them!

Multiple Payment Methods

If you're still a resident of the 2000s, credit and debit cards are acceptable. Guys, nowadays, there are numerous online payment options that may be used on Valorous Gambling Sites for real money deposits. The majority of the bookmakers on the above list will accept your payment method, whether it be Neteller, Paysafecard, Skrill, or cryptocurrency.

Mobile and Live Betting

For the majority of modern bettors, live and mobile betting are both crucially important. Bettors on e-sports are frequently tech-savvy. They want to be able to wager wherever they are utilizing their cellphones and tablets.
The majority of them also adore the idea of betting on active games. Additionally, these bets are frequently impulsive, and punters frequently seek out bookmakers that offer live betting. It's a win-win situation for all parties, and that's primarily why live e-sports betting is expanding so quickly.


Valorant Betting Tips

As previously noted, the top Valorant Betting Sites will begin offering wagers on Valorant games as soon as the first events begin to take place. It is safe to predict that it will occur sometime in the fall if previous e-sports championships are any indication of when that will occur. Here are a few things to bear in mind that could have a significant impact on your early performance on reputable betting sites.

Learn How The Game Plays

You should become familiar with the games if you intend to spend a lot of time on Valorant Betting Sites and spend a lot of money placing Valorant bets. And we're not just talking about the fundamentals of the agents; we're also talking about other game dynamics, including timings, angles, economy, ideal situations for using skills, and so forth. There is a lot to learn about the game, and as the pros start analyzing it in greater detail, we're sure there will be even more.

Learn The META(Most Effective Tactics Available)

Focus on how the pros are playing the game once you've mastered the game-play section. Examine the peculiarities of each games and contrast their in-game actions, strategies, and agent choices. Certain team combinations will perform better than others, and this kind of information is always crucial from the perspective of the betting side. However, keep in mind that even when you have learned how each squad (or group of players) performs, you won't be finished with this element.

Immerse Yourself In The E-sports scene

Last but not least, you should evaluate Valorant's e-sports scene in addition to adhering to the META. You should, therefore, be up to date with the most recent results, form, transfers, roster changes, and news from the game's competitive scene. When you begin using Valorant Betting Sites more frequently, you will always be aware of your wagering obstacles.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where To Bet On Valorant?

    As more people learn about Valorant, more betting companies will want to add this e-sport to their betting menus. Wagering on Valorant is both fun and exciting especially if you have a lot of knowledge about the game. Check out our lists, we update them on a regular basis.

  • Are Valorant Gambling Sites Legit?

    The Valorant Gambling Sites that you will find on are all thoroughly tested by our review team. We will not promote rogue sites ever! We will remove any website immediately if the take part in any type of shady activity. The Fruity Casinos team will not tolerate it.

  • Is Valorant Trustworthy?

    Valorent is a game created by a very trustworthy game creator - Riot Games. Wagering on the game has become very popular and will only continue to grow well into the future. E-Sports gambling in general is now a multi million dollar industry, its massive!

  • Can US Players Bet On Valorant?

    Although most online bookmakers do not accept players from the USA, there are a handful that will accept American players. We will update our list of US accepting Valorant Betting Sites as often as we can. We only want our visitors playing at the very best sites.