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CSGO Upgrade Sites - All The Facts!

Since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's rapid and widespread success, it has received not only thousands of dollars in annual revenue but also support and love from its players around the world. When compared to other PC games like Valorant, Call of Duty Warzone, etc., CSGO is just an average First-Person Shooting game, if you look into it. But thanks to the fans and well-known organizations' unwavering support, it continued to be popular. The way CSGO caters to the demands and preferences of its players and fans further elevates it to a higher plane. One could simply be satisfied with it due to the timely updates to the maps, gun skins, game modes, etc. One of these ways is via CSGO Skin Upgrade Sites, keep on reading to find out more.

Speaking of gun skins, CSGO has nearly every gorgeous in-game accessory. In addition to jaw-dropping knives, cases, collections, stickers, music kits, and other items, there are also gun skins. Even though CSGO skins don't improve the game's accuracy, damage, or health, they still command a high price on the market.


CSGO Skins Can Be Valuable!

Skins for CSGO can range in value from a few cents to hundreds or thousands of dollars, depending on their scarcity and market demand. And it is through these that many people profit from the sale and purchase of CSGO skins.

Players can upgrade their CSGO skins to higher levels if they so choose, adding to the hype, but doing so can cost a lot of money and takes time, patience, and luck because it's not as simple as it seems. There are certain rules that sometimes have to be met before you can upgrade them. Check out each sites terms and conditions before attempting to upgrade any skins. Some sites need you to be at a certain level on Steam, some sites require nothing at all.

CSGO Upgrade Sites

Any player can buy high-level CSGO skins, doing so has a cost because they are more expensive than they appear to be, especially if the skin they want is popular. Others purchase CSGO Prime status upgrades. This is in order to receive better drops, but their chances of receiving the desired skins are always 1 in 100.


We All Have Some Poor Skins!

Let's be brutally honest guys! ! The majority of us have some incredibly subpar CSGO skins in our collections. Since they are essentially useless, no one wants them. The good news for CSGO players is that there is a method for improving skins. You can do this on CSGO Skin Upgrade Sites like Hellcase and DatDrop. It's a fantastic feature, especially considering how many case openings can result in fairly subpar skins.

You must gamble with your skins in order to upgrade them. Find the Upgrade page on the website where you are playing. You will now need to choose the items you want to upgrade once you are on that page. For this, you can use skins, but some websites also let you use your balance, or a combination of your balance and skins. The next step is to choose the skins you want from the list of options.


Gamble To Win!

The roll over and roll under buttons let you change the outcome. You can also select a multiplier for the value of your skins. For instance, if you have a $1 skin, clicking the 2x button will allow you to win a $2 skin, clicking the 5x button will allow you to win a $5 skin, etc. Obviously, the likelihood of winning decreases as the multiplier increases. You forfeit your skins or money if you lose the roll. Your inventory is automatically populated if you win.

Being realistic, when trying to upgrade your CS:GO skins is fun and exciting. As more and more websites realize how much the players enjoy it, they will start to offer upgrades. The CSGO Skin Upgrade Sites that are listed on this website are all honest and transparent, so you can try an upgrade and know that everything will be fair and there won't be any shady dealings.


Should I Try And Upgrade My Skins?

If you have never tried upgrading your skins then we definitely recommend it. Its great fun but as always, a word of caution! Its called gambling for a reason. You may lose your skins and/or money so be aware of this. If you have valuable skins then we would never gamble these and you should cash them out asap. If its only smaller less valuable skins that are useless, then try those first as players wont really miss them. We test every site we promote and have had more bad luck that good luck when trying to upgrade the skins in our inventories. We probable have around a 45% win rate, but again we have only tried upgrading a few times on each site. Please take this information into consideration because its important and extremely relevant.

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • How To Upgrade CSGO Skins?

    Simply visit any of the CSGO gambling sites listed on this page in order to upgrade the CSGO skins you have. Take into consideration that players will have to gamble in order to acquire better one as, as this will not be a free upgrade. So please take this into consideration.

  • Are CSGO Upgrade Sites Legit?

    All of the CSGO Upgrade Sites on Fruity Casinos are safe and legit sites. We have tested them to make sure they meet our strict criteria. The vast majority are provably fair so you can gamble safely knowing that all of the game results are fair and verifiable.

  • How To Upgrade CSGO Account To Prime?

    Getting your CSGO account upgraded to prime status. Simply follow the on-screen instructions given to you on your Steam CSGO account. The majority of the websites that are listed on this website require players to already have the game installed on their system.

  • Are CSGO Skin Upgrades Free?

    Absolutely not! You have to gamble your skins and/or money. You have the chance to win much better skins that you can immediately add to your inventory. Its great if you win but you may also lose meaning your skins will be lost. This is an important fact of gambling.