Best Online Casinos in Japan

Gambling in Japan follows a complex history with a number of restrictions in place. Although there are no legal Japanese casinos, players have found a way to have fun playing their favorite casino games.

List of Best Casinos Online

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History of Casino Games in Japan

Japan has stringent anti-gambling laws that trace back to the 7th century when Emperor Tenmu prohibited all forms of gambling. In the 20th century, the government began to loosen up on the gambling ban, permitting betting on horse races and the local classic, pachinko, and other additional forms of gambling.

Best Onlne Casinos

The introduction of the Integrated Resort (IR) Promotion Law in 2016 marked a significant shift, potentially opening the door for entertainment centers, including casinos. However, legal casinos have not yet been established in the country.

While Japanese players have the option to gamble on international sites, online gambling remains illegal within Japan. Engaging in gambling activities is considered a criminal offense, carrying the risk of fines or other penalties. The Japanese Minister, Hchiro Okonogi, has been explicit about the absence of plans to legalize online gambling in the foreseeable future.

Most Popular Casino Games in Japan

Online casinos in Japan offer various games that are unique and easy to play. Data from Casino Life confirms the following as some of the most popular casino games played by Japanese gamblers:

  • Slot machines

    Slot machines are popular worldwide, and they are not different from Japanese players. Slots are loved for their simplicity, and they are easy to win.

    Slot icon
  • Pachinko

    Beloved in Japan, Pachinko is a dynamic game resembling slot machines and pinball. Its popularity stems from its simplicity, engaging players in a thrilling ball-launching experience.

  • Poker

    This complex card game is loved for its strategy. It is mostly played by Japanese gambling veterans and anyone with a great memory for memorizing card combinations.

    casino game
  • Blackjack

    Is arguably the second most popular card game among Japanese players. It also involves great strategy and skills on how to make decisions fast.

    Blackjack icon
  • Bingo

    Although bingo has low winning odds, its players have fun playing it, which is quite addicting. There is a variety of bingo, which further makes players have fun while playing.

    Bingo icon
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