Best Online Casinos in Turkey

At one time in the past, casinos in Turkey were popular and legal as a perfect pastime and form of entertainment for tourists and locals. However, this has changed since banning all gambling activities in the country. However, Turkish players still have a way of having fun by visiting online casinos from foreign bookmakers through VPNs.

List of the best casinos in Turkey

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History of Casino Games in Turkey

Best Onlne Casinos

The history of gambling in Turkey has followed through a mix of events which saw the legalization of casinos in the 1980s. The reign of the Ottoman Empire was a time when gambling activities were gradually introduced into the country; it was not yet legal to gamble.

Specifically, in 1983, the Turkish government allowed the establishment of casinos and gambling activities in the country. This resulted in attracting more foreign tourists to visit the country, and in turn, revenue was generated.

During these times, Turkish citizens were still barred from visiting the casinos, and it wasn't until 1995 that another law was passed to allow Turkish players to visit a casino in Turkey officially.

The establishment of the casinos was not without debates from social organizations stressing that casinos were harmful to society. Also, the assassination of prominent casino owner Ömer Lütfü Topal further ignited a debate on the acceptance of casinos in the country.

Subsequently, in 1997, an anti-gambling law was passed to revoke the country's establishment of casinos and gambling.

Most Popular Casino Games in Turkey

Turkish punters enjoy various casino games, provided they are guaranteed to win big. Data compiled from Casino Rank lists the below as some of the best games played by Turkish players:

  • Keno

    This is a casino slot game that closely resembles lotteries. It is a favorite of Turkish players and is usually offered in modern casinos and several online casinos.

    keno icon
  • Bingo

    When selecting a perfect casino game of chance, Bingo might be the right option for you. Players have to match the numbers in the arrangement to win.

    Bingo icon
  • Roulette

    Roulette is a popular table game among Turkish punters for their ease of play, and it is fun as well.

    Roulette icon
  • Slots

    These are the most popular casino games played by Turkish players. It has fantastic designs that are easy to play with and win big.

    Slot icon
  • Blackjack

    This card game relies more on luck than strategy to win big.

    Blackjack icon

Turkish players prefer casino games with RTP rates and lots of.

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