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  • Provably Fair Games
  • Easy To Navigate Website
  • Good Mobile Version Of The Site
  • Bitcoin SV Payments Only
  • Some Restricted Countries

Peergame Casino Review

Peergame is a Bitcoin SV gambling site that was launched in August 2019 and appears to have received support from Calvin Ayre, a well-known online gambling millionaire, on Twitter. The implementation of provably fair gambling changes the gaming experience on a fundamental level, making it 100% transparent and a lot more stimulating, despite the limited variety of games and payment options. To find out more about this crypto casino, keep on reading.

Is PeerGame Casino Legit?

Peergame Casino Games

Bitto (lottery), Turtle Race, Baccarat, Ladder, Roulette, Wheel, Dice, and Coin Flip are among the game formats available on Peergame. Our personal favorite and the most popular game on the site is the Lottery Bitto. You can purchase a $1 ticket for a chance to win a jackpot worth thousands of dollars. When the results are announced, each lottery round takes about 17 hours (or 100BSV blocks). The top winner receives 85 percent of the jackpot, with the remainder divided among those in second, third, and fourth place based on how closely their transaction ID matches the relevant block ID.

Each game’s interface is straightforward and easy to use. Peergame publishes all sold tickets in real time, so you’ll always know how many people are betting. Furthermore, each game has a rules section and a page that explains how each result is generated. The latter is not well explained, which is a disadvantage for new users unfamiliar with Bitcoin jargon. Every 10 minutes, a new ‘block’ is mined in BSV, and each block is identified by a unique random number. At the same time, each Bitcoin transaction is assigned a transaction ID, which is a one-of-a-kind number. To determine the winners, Peergame compares the last four digits of the transaction ID with which a user purchased a ticket to the last four digits of the 100th block since the round began. This is easily verifiable, ensuring that the game is fair.

Although the lottery is by far the most popular of the site’s eight games, the Turtle Race and Ladder games are also entertaining to play because it allows you to double or triple your money. In the respective sections, Peergame explains the provably fair process used in each of these games.

Rewards & Bonuses

On offer is a number of different rewards and bonuses. You can claim each one as long as you live in an eligible country. At the time of writing this review, the following offers were available:

  • Welcome Gift: Claim 0.001PGP for connecting your HandCash wallet.
  • Peergame Weekly Race: To participate in the race, simply play any of the games involved. Every week, the top ten players with the most points will win prizes! The total Prize pool is 5.5 BSV.
  • Peergame Daily Race: To participate in the race, simply play any of the games involved. Every day, the top ten players with the most points will win prizes! The total Prize pool is 1.1 BSV.
  • Coin Flip Challenge: Every day, be one of the first 100 players to win five times in a row.
  • + Many, Many More!

Peergame Points(PGP) – 1PGP = 1 Bitcoin SV

Players are able to acquire PGP through a variety of means, such as participating in various giveaways and winning prizes at promotional events.

However, the quickest and easiest way to accumulate PGP is to simply keep playing games. Players will receive PGP cashback on all of their wagers, regardless of the outcome of their games (through a formula of wager x 1 percent house edge x 3 percent).

The effectiveness of PGP is equivalent to that of BSV. In practice, one PGP is equivalent to one BSV, and players have the option of betting with either BSV or PGP. Winnings are credited directly to the players BSV wallets, regardless of which currency they bet with.

*Terms and conditions apply*

PeerGame Welcome Bonus


Peergame Casino is based on Bitcoin SV, and the operator accepts BSV for both deposits and withdrawals. The benefit here is that you get to use a cryptocurrency solution that is quick, scalable, and allows you to conduct transactions in milliseconds.

To start sign up via the link on this page and connect your Money Button or HandCash wallet. You won’t have to worry about anything because Peergame won’t charge any fees, allowing you to keep the majority of your winnings. The minimum deposit amount is 0.001BSV.

There is no limit to how much money you can withdraw. You win as much as you can and immediately withdraw your winnings.

As an added bonus, you won’t have to store your currency on the casino’s servers. Your winnings are instantly available in your BSV wallet after you make a deposit directly from your wallet.

  • Minimum Deposit: 0.001 BSV
  • Minimum Withdrawal: N/A

Customer Support

You can contact customer support by sending a brief message through email or via live chat. A customer service representative will respond to your inquiry in a timely manner. Peergame is accessible via a variety of alternative contact options, such as Discord, Telegram, and Twitter; as a result, you will always have a way to make contact with those who can provide assistance. In addition, there is a specific help center for this issue.


The mobile version of PeerGame is good and basically as good as the desktop version. You can play on the go from any eligible region. Games load super-fast and there is no lack of quality whatsoever. You will really enjoy your mobile gaming experience whether its on an iOS, Android or Windows device. Just visit the site via your devices browser.

Safety & Security

Safety is a big topic at Peergame, and you have many ways to establish the fairness and truthfulness of this online casino.
Peergame uses a provably fair algorithm that not only guarantees the impartiality of each outcome but it’s accessible to every player to check for themselves.

You can go to the Fairness Calculation Page and enter the Bet Transaction ID to see if the results are fair. While a different fairness process may be associated with different games, Peergame stands by its products.

Naturally, the casino uses SSL encryption to keep your data safe, and the casino advises customers to play responsibly, running a dedicated page with resources to help you overcome an unhealthy habit.

Peergame Affiliate Program

Refer players to the site and you can earn some commission. Navigate to the referrals page to get your own personal referral code. All of your stats can be viewed in the dashboard area(click on your account – referrals). Commission can only be earned by real money depositing players. There is no limit to how much you can earn each month.

Join the Peergame Affiliate Program on the official site.

Our Verdict

Peergame is a pioneering concept that will remain popular for the foreseeable future. The i-Gaming experience is enhanced by the one-of-a-kind twist that this online casino brings to the table, which opens up new gaming avenues.

Peergame is already at the forefront of the i-Gaming industry, setting new standards not only for the crypto gaming industry but also for the traditional i-Gaming industry to follow. Crypto gaming is just getting started really.

Because the casino’s selection is always being updated, it is always a good idea to revisit Peergame and see what new and exciting things they have to offer. We are happy enough to recommend this site to our visitors.

Overall Rating
  • Trust & Fairness
  • Games & Software
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Customer Support
FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Peergame Legit?

    We are happy to answer this question. We believe they are legit and safe for players. This is based on our review teams experiences playing on the site. We are happy to say that we never came across any issues while carrying out our Peergame review.

  • Is Peergame Safe & Secure For Players?

    The website is as safe as any other. A valid industry-standard SSL certificate is present on the site. A year or so ago someone claimed there was a Peergame ladder hack. This was false information because there is no way of compromising the sites security tools.

  • Does Peergame Offer A Welcome Bonus?

    Perrgame points(Peergame PGP) is an in-house type of currency that players can earn by carrying out various tasks such as entering giveaways etc. You can use the currency on-site and it has a very easy to understand exchange rate of 1PGP = 1 Bitcoin SV.