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Crypto.Games Casino Review

Crypto.Games is one of the most riveting platforms, providing a fascinating opportunity for online gambling enthusiasts across the globe, especially with all the currently available digital currencies. With an intricate architecture offering the latest online casino games, the casino aims on targeting crypto gamblers who seem to acquaint themselves with high standards and expectations. Crypto.Games is one of the fractions of crypto casinos that truly displays the capability of successfully garnering consistent online gamers for exhilarating and responsible gambling.

The casino hosts 10 gripping games that they made from scratch to effortlessly meet the modern gambling standard set by the internet. Crypto gamblers not only enjoy a modern game list but also understand and explore the exclusively built banking system. All players at CryptoGames can use 10 cryptocurrencies on the website for playing the games. However, the deposits can be done with FIAT currencies as well, using credit cards and exchanges can be made from several different cryptocurrencies. The list of customer services (including features, policies, rewards, and affiliate programs) that Crypto.Games provide is vast and unmatched.

Is Crypto.Games Provably Fair?

Crypto.Games Casino Games

Crypto.Games designed the list of offered games to be compact and true to the theme. There are a total of 10 exhilarating games at the casino right now, including the latest addition, Keno. All the games are based on the old-school gambling style with a modern touch of crypto gambling ideas. There is no sports betting option for now as the casino designed its layout to host direct games. However, it does hope to bring the option for live sports betting. Gamblers at the casino can use any of the 10 cryptocurrencies to play these 10 games.

However, Lottery is an exception. It is unavailable for play money users and it is unavailable for all 10 cryptocurrencies. The casino only offers the game to the users of 4 cryptocurrencies; Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin. All games are fair and completely transparent. No tampering can possibly occur before, during or after the actual bet. Once the gamblers sign up at Crypto.Games, they get access to these 10 intricate games:


For any new player, Dice is the first game that appears when they click on the play now tab to start gambling. Play money and all the available cryptocurrencies are available for the game. Basic registration will grant the players the privilege to test the game with play money. Dice’s winning range and progressive jackpot add a new dimension to the game’s simple objective. Prior to playing, players must deposit with their desired cryptocurrency and convert their coins into credits. Then they must carefully predict to score a win.


For many gamblers, Blackjack is quite famous by the name 21. The game has the potential to offer the old-school gambling experience to many crypto gamblers. It is a great choice for exploring card games. The objective of the game is to neatly build a hand that beats the opponent by making their hand cross 21 points. This means, to win the game, a player must always keep the sum of their hand under 21 points or score exactly 21 points from the 2 cards given to them in the first deal. Whenever someone ends up crossing 21 points the other player automatically wins.


Lottery is one of the simplest games in the history of gambling. The game comes with its own uniqueness at Crypto.Games; where there are no hard rules to follow. The game is however not available for play money users or all of the cryptocurrencies offered at the casino. There is a no house edge policy in the Lottery game. The casino generously gives away the whole profit raised from the ticket sale to all three winners. This means, that after each ongoing round, the collected amount becomes the total prize that the lucky winners are to take home. The total prize amount of Lottery is different for all the cryptocurrencies.


Roulette requires the players to keep a clear strategy throughout the game. It is one of the games that test a player’s gambling skills. In the game, all players have to place their bets on a wheel that contains 37 numbers and one zero. The gamblers win if the ball thrown on the wheel lands on their predicted bet. The bets can be automatically placed through the auto bet function where there are 4 options to choose from.


Plinko is a game that is brought into the casinos from being inspired by the show, “The Price is Right” that used to be on TV in the 1980s. Crypto.Games Plinko contains a digital pyramid constructed with digital pegs and four different colors of payout slots and multipliers that respond to the four different colored balls. Plinko has 4 different house edges and the payout tables are keeping in mind the four colors. The game is available using play money and auto bet users as well. If the ball lands into a profitable slot, then the gambler wins according to the amount each color represents and the amount the winning slot carries.


DiceV2 is the modern take on Dice that brings a completely new design to the game. It offers the same objective as the first edition of the game. The players again make a prediction before hitting to roll the Dice. If the Dice rolls for the correct prediction then it will stop on the green zone of the bar. The slider bar can also customize the win chance, win amount, and payout multiplier. To do that, you have to simply move the slider left or right. The use of auto bet and play money is available for all. Players can choose an option (to roll over or under) and run several bets for that at the same time.


Minesweeper is always a well-loved game that attracts everyone for its old-school charms. The crypto version of the game is highly remarkable for everyone as Minesweeper is the only game that keeps an option to withdraw the winning amounts immediately after each profitable round. The immediate rewards can be earned if and only if the players clear their desired amounts without hitting a mine. Hitting a mine means the loss of an entire bet and to start over, players have to place the entire bet amount again. Since the field consists of a number of coins or mines, players must pick their tiles carefully. The number of mines to clear can be decided at the beginning of the game.

Video Poker:

Playing Crypto.Games Video Poker brings thrice the fun as it comes along with 3 of its exclusive versions. All of the 10 cryptocurrencies as well as the play money currency is available to access the game. From the switchboard located in the top left corner of the game, players are free to change to any of the versions before they start the bet. The payout amounts will vary for the three versions as they all come with different house edges. With their individual traits, Jacks or Better, Tens or Better, and Bonus Poker enhances the gambling experience players find in this modern card game. If the round ends with a winning hand consisting of 5 cards then the players get rewards.


To bring the evergreen essence of retro gambling, Crypto.Games brings the game with the simplest objective so that the players can worry less about following any hard rules and focus more on the fun that the game brings. Finishing the spin with a winning combination is the way a player immediately wins. Since the machine is built with 5 reels, the winning combinations must be formed with 5 symbols. The goal is to form any one of the combinations in the middle row. Therefore, Slots do not have any mandatory rules for the winning combinations. Slots are also available for the players who use the Auto Bet function and play money.


Keno is the 10th and the latest offered game at Crypto.Games. Its modern version has an undoubtedly lightweight architecture that is available on all devices. To win Keno, players have to pick their lucky numbers from a poll of numbers on the field. The numbers range from 1 to 40. After picking 1-10 numbers from the field players hit start. If the players pick the winning numbers then their numbers will return the winning symbol and the rest of the unpicked winning numbers will be marked with an X on the field. Each player gets rewarded according to the number of choices they have picked correctly.

Rewards & Bonuses

At Crypto.Games Casino each gambler regardless of their player levels finds extremely engaging opportunities to bag additional rewards and bonuses. The casino’s live Chatbox not only engages the players in a fun, interactive chat but also rewards the players for being thoughtful enough to participate in the discussions, helping each other out to build a strong, friendly community among themselves. Speaking of additional bonuses, Crypto.Games adds jackpots to three of its games to anticipate more rewards. The games offering progressive jackpots are Dice, DiceV2, and Roulette. Then on the website, is a free rewarding system that gives the players the privilege to use free game currency AKA play money.

This special currency can be withdrawn or you can request from the “Faucet”. Each player can request an amount based on their player levels every day. Besides this, all gamblers at Crypto.Games get the chance to participate in the monthly betting events that bring together all the players and engage them in thrilling competition. Gamblers put forward their best effort to win month-long benefits along with the VIP title. By securing the winners spot on the leader board, players get privileges like: Drop on Dice house edge(0.8%). Placing bets with no server delay, relish high exchange limits for all cryptocurrencies, entrance permission to the VIP chatroom, highly rewarding Vouchers, and Birthday gifts sent for verified players.

  • Crypto.Games Faucet: You can claim a small amount of crypto to play games.

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Crypto Games Faucet


The banking system in Crypto.Games includes deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals. The gamblers can use 10 cryptocurrencies that are popular in the community of cryptocurrency users. The players who have set up their complete profiles are eligible to play all the games with their very own cryptocurrencies. 2 different banking methods are available for the players to choose from.

A modern method that allows the players to make their deposits of FIAT currencies using their own credit cards. The modern method also supports the conversion of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies to any one (of 10) available in the list of Crypto.Games. The other option is the normal option that allows the players to make deposits, exchanges, and withdrawals using the casino’s existing systems. For enabling the use of the regular methods, players must be aware to create deposit and withdrawal addresses. While the modern methods are being offered through Onramper and ChangeNow, the normal method is always available to all the completely registered players holding an email address.

  • Minimum Deposit: N/A
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.001BTC

Customer Support

There are various gambling policies at Crypto.Games which create a safe and responsible environment, especially for the newcomers. The necessary precautions are taken to tackle safety issues and to promote the unmatched fun of responsible gambling and to always make sure that Crypto.Games players are treated with nothing but the best. The most cooperative Customer Service team and their facilities are always available for the players within their reach. Crypto.Games also establishes a remarkable casino standard by offering prevention policies aiming to eliminate any negative effects of gambling. In case of the need of guidance, in games, navigation, or any kind of inquiry or support, Crypto.Games consistently provides the best services to its players.

  • Live Chat: Yes
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The mobility of Crypto.Games delivers the players on board a lightweight architecture that ensures an unmatched browsing experience from any device. The home page consists of necessary data in a systematic order and displays a list of modern features for gamblers to explore. The casino has no ads or pop-ups which means, the risk of any phishing links or clickbait is less than zero – Even on a mobile phone with comparatively old specifications. The convenient website design also consists of tabs like the: FAQ, BLOG, Forum, Chat Rules, and Support pages. On top of that, all gamblers can keep a track of their betting history for each game using hash and seeds all while enjoying their game time.

Safety & Security

Playing at Crypto.Games is not only easy and comprehensible within a short time, but it is also highly enjoyable as the safety measures taken to preserve user data and funds include new age measures like SSL encryption and google 2FA features. These measures ensure that every withdrawal is processed only after clearing the verification. In addition to these, email verification shields the users funds even when 2FA is disabled in the user account. This verification process does not allow any kind of withdrawal processing unless the account holder grants permission.

Crypto.Games Casino Affiliate Program

For all registered players (both fully registered and basic registered) Crypto.Games Casino provides a referral link that they can share with others to promote Crypto.Games. Referral links are available from the “Rewards” tab located under the “Invite A Friend” tab. After successfully referring the casino to others, the referrer gambler gets 15% of the house edge of all bets placed by the players they referred. The rewards are given to the referrers regardless of whether each bet wins or loses. More promotional banners are available from the casino’s website.

Join the Crypto.Games Casino Affiliate Program here > Your Account > Rewards > Invite A Friend.

Our Verdict

Crypto.Games is a well-equipped crypto casino equally for both experienced and novice gamblers. This is indeed a spot that can guarantee a lifetime of fair and safe entertainment through 10 games. In the meantime, they will learn how to, efficiently make the best use of modern transaction systems for their cryptocurrencies. The innovative entertainment source will keep on adding a more remarkable reputation by updating many modern features, gambling events, and referral links. It will keep on adding new games to the casino like Keno to offer unending opportunities to take part in the adrenalin-pumping thrill of crypto gambling. With adequate safety measures for each user, and no adulteration in its system, the Crypto.Games platform is a true example of futuristic entertainment, that will remain an absolute worthy choice for modern gambling experiences.

Overall Rating
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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Crypto.Games Legit?

    As a member of the Crypto gambling Foundation, we can say with certainty that this crypto casino is safe and legit. They thrive to make sure that everything is as fair and transparent as possible for all players. A valid Curacao license is a huge plus too.

  • Are Crypto Games Provably Fair?

    They sure are! Absolutely zero funny business can occur before, during or after a game round. We love this because it keeps all games fair. The crypto industry has been fighting hard for many years to distance itself from some of the shady stuff that happened in previous sites on rogue websites.

  • Is There A Crypto Faucet Available?

    Yes a crypto faucet is available for all players. The amount depends on a number of different things including which level you reach. Faucets are becoming more common these days but good ones are very rare indeed. Check out Crypto.Games faucet today.

  • Are Crypto Games Mobile-Friendly?

    Nowadays they have to be because a large percentage of players like to gamble on their mobile devices. No crypto gambling website would dare to open a new website that did not work on a smartphone or tablet. Luckily Crypto.Games have a good mobile-friendly version.