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  • Easy & Simple Registration
  • Great Value Cases
  • Fiat, Skin & Crypto Payment Options Available
  • Few Game Modes Available
  • No Provably Fair Game System

FlameCases Review

You already know that we only want you guys to play at CSGO betting sites that offer the best services. FlameCases certainly falls under that heading. Additionally, deposits and payouts are immediate. Visit their website right now. Case opening and battles are just a couple of the game modes available. You can win some incredible skins, and the cases are incredibly affordable. Each case includes a few high-quality items. You can play against other keen players or even your friends in the battle section. Try it; you might get lucky.

Head over to flamecases.com and select “Sign in with Steam.” You must now enter your Steam login information and log in. After doing this, you will be directed back to your FlameCases account all signed in. You can now start playing. Visit the website and look at each of the available cases. You will be astounded by how many excellent ones are available.

Site Layout & Design

The website theme is neat and tidy. We really do not have any complaints regarding this. The colors are bright and easy on the eye. The layout of the website is incredibly simple and easy to navigate. We can tell that the guys in charge have put in a lot of time and effort creating this site. The website also works perfectly on a mobile device but you can read more about that a little further down the page.

Is FlameCases Legit?

FlameCases Games

Dota 2 and CSGO Case Opening is the sites main focus. You will find many top-class cases on their site that are both high in quality and reasonably priced. We cannot complain about the cases. If Case Battles are your thing then you also have this option. You can battle against other players or friends for your chance to win the lot! A recently added game mode is Roll, everything is self explanatory so just click on the Roll text to visit that game mode. Would we like to see more game modes? Obviously but what they offer at the moment is OK and will have to do.

Provably Fair Games

We have spoken to the guys in charge of FlameCases and they assure us that the games are fair but unfortunately they have no system in place to prove this. We can see this putting many people off playing on their site. Nowadays its quite a simple system to implement so we have no idea why they have not yet done it considering they have been online since 2016. We really hope to see this in the future and are willing to increase the sites rating if they do so because it increases player trust.

Rewards & Bonuses

Claim a $1 bonus by signing up via our link. the amount will automatically be added to your balance but you must make a deposit of at least $5 to claim. As well as the cash bonus you can also claim free cases every 24 hours for topping up your account.

FlameCases Premium Subscription

Pay $5 to $45 to subscribe to the premium service. You can choose from a variety of high-end options for this, including:

  • Unique Icon for the premium site: You can choose the icon that will appear on your profile and in the live drop feed next to your winnings to indicate that you are a Premium subscriber.
  • Private profile: Players can opt out of having their profile displayed in the live drop feed by purchasing a Premium subscription. It will safeguard your privacy.
  • Free Giveaways: All of the giveaways are automatically entered and without additional cost to Premium users.
  • Premium Cases: Subscribers to the premium plan will have access to a few extra special cases that are not available to regular players.

You can decide which of these features you want if you decide you subscribe. Depending on which features you include, the cost will either go up or down.

How You Can Claim FlameCase’s Bonus

  1. Visit FlameCases using our link
  2. Sign in via Steam
  3. Click on the Click on the plus $ icon
  4. Input our code: fruitycasinos

*Terms and conditions apply*

FlameCases Premium Subscription


There are a few payment options, but fewer than on other websites. Maybe they’ll add more in the future. To deposit money, you can use credit card payments as well as other well-liked methods like CSGO and Dota 2 skins. You can withdraw using cryptocurrency or CSGO and Dota 2 skins, if you so choose. Before attempting to cash out, review all the information. Transactions are smooth and quick.

Customer Support

  • Live Chat: No
  • Email: support@flamescases.com
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • TikTok


The website is fully optimized for mobile usage. This is standard these days. No website would be able to operate if they were not available on a smartphone or tablet. The images all look sharp on a mobile device and load quickly. We personally tested the site on both a smartphone and tablet. Open some quality cases on the go and away from your home PC.

FlameCases Affiliate Program

Clicking on the partner text will take you to the partner program section of the website. There are 6 levels, and the highest level’s commission rate is 6%. The commission rate begins at 1%. Create your own unique promo code and advertise the website wherever you like to. Your referrals will each get a $1 welcome bonus. The only time this bonus will be accessible is after your player has made a genuine deposit.

Join the FlameCases Affiliate Program here.

Our Verdict

This site is good, and the games and website are both lovely and simple to use. They have been in the CSGO Case Opening business for a while and have sold many cases to enthusiastic players. Our only real problem is that this website cannot be proven to be fair. We played at FlameCases and experienced no issues, but we would prefer that they have a provably fair system in place to make sure that everything is fair. This is evident in our review score. We would change our score if this were to change in the future. We wish it would occur as soon as possible.

Overall Rating
  • Trust & Fairness
  • Games & Software
  • Bonuses & Promotions
  • Customer Support
FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is FlameCases Legit?

    Yes, they have established a devoted fan base during their time online. The most crucial factor at any gambling website is that players return because they enjoy playing there. The site is good but not great but they will pay you if you manage to win some decent skins.

  • Is FlameCases Provably Fair?

    Sadly, the answer is no. Provably fair game-play gives players the feeling that they aren't being duped by fabricated game outcomes. Who knows, maybe they'll add this feature in the future. It should be on every site in our opinions but unfortunately its not.

  • Is There A FlameCases promo Code Available?

    If you use the promo code: fruitycasinos, you can claim a bonus but please remember that a deposit is required. FlameCases like to reward depositing players with free cases also which is a great incentive to play there. We appreciate this as CSGO gambling lovers.

  • Is FlameCases Mobile-Friendly?

    Yes of course it is! What website nowadays isn't? Play on the go from your favorite mobile device whenever you feel like it. Imagine winning some top-class skins when you are sitting on the bus or train. It would be absolutely unbelievable!