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Primedice Casino Review

This pioneering Bitcoin Casino is widely regarded as the “undisputed most popular and trustworthy Bitcoin site on the planet.” They only have one game and only one game. Minimalist, straightforward, and flawlessly executed. The site first hit the net in 2013, and their game is provably fair, with a RTP of 99 percent. In our Primedice Casino review, we’ll show you how they don’t try to do anything more than provide a basic service in a timely manner.

Primedice Bitcoin Dice

Primedice Casino Games

As previously stated, PrimeDice only has one game (a dice game, as you’ve probably guessed). Its well-known dice game is a development of the first Bitcoin dice game. They’ve even included a classic dice game feature in the page’s ticker. This shows the bets that players are placing every second. Prime Dice has a very low house advantage. When players play against the casino, the house edge is only 1%.

Rewards & Bonuses

There is a possibility that players won’t be able to see any Primedice bonuses or promotions when they first open the Primedice website. There is not a separate ‘promotions” or “bonuses” tab that users can click on to claim a deposit bonus or a welcome bonus, as there is on many other gambling websites. It is not very accurate to assume that the casino does not provide those services simply because they are not on the casino’s homepage.

As many reviews of Primedice’s Casino have mentioned, individuals who are interested in Primedice’s bonuses and promotions are required to visit the website’s dedicated forum page. The content of this page is organized into different sections. The team of developers working on Primedice provides players with official offers and VIP challenges for players who reach Bronze level or higher, user giveaways, and promotions that are only available to Primedice players.

These deals are available to players in a variety of locations. This includes online forums, the official Primedice Telegram group, Twitter, and Bitcointalk, to name a few. Nevertheless, there are cutoff dates for these bonuses and promotions as well as predetermined prize pools. Take note that these promotions adhere to specific guidelines regarding the types of bets that you can place on a given Bitcoin dice game, the minimum bet limit, the fact that all bets are public, and many other stipulations.

Primedice Faucet

In the past, Primedice provided users with access to a free faucet. This prevented their account balances from going below zero. However, they are unable to offer you this promotion at this time.

In addition, there is chat rain that gives players the opportunity to win the jackpot if they keep rolling 77.77 twice in a row. The size of the jackpot is determined by the total amount of money that players wager.

For a player to have a chance at winning a jackpot, the amount of their bets must be greater than 0.01BTC. Any wager that is less than 0.0001BTC will not be eligible for the major jackpot. Players also have the opportunity to compete in the leaderboard challenge.

Primedice VIP Club

These days, a VIP club is practically a prerequisite for playing at any casino. The Primedice VIP club asserts that it has the most rewarding customer loyalty program available in the cryptocurrency gambling industry.

A player’s level in the VIP scheme is determined by the player’s overall betting activity as well as the total amount wagered within the casino. As a player progresses through the VIP tiers, he or she will be eligible for more prestigious rewards and more exclusive benefits.

The levels of membership available in the VIP club are as follows: Bronze, Silver, Platinum, Gold, and Diamond. Take note that the Platinum level includes a total of six different sub-tiers that are denoted by Roman numerals, beginning with Platinum I and going all the way up to Platinum VI.

Each level of the VIP club comes with its own set of exclusive benefits. Rakeback, monthly bonuses, fortnightly bonuses, access to the VIP Telegram channel, and so on are some of the perks that come with becoming a Bronze member, for instance, which is the first tier.

Players who have reached the final tier, Diamond, are eligible to receive bonuses from the VIP Host in the currency of their choice and customized advantages. Players who progress through Primedice’s VIP system are eligible for special loyalty promotions that they will share on the website’s forum, Telegram group, or Bitcointalk threads. In addition, the VIP loyalty program provides participants with the opportunity to participate in unique challenges and receive both real and digital gifts.

*Terms and conditions apply*

Primedice VIP Program


Dogecoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Tron are among the cryptocurrency options available at Primedice. This crypto casino does not offer a FIAT option.

To deposit any of these cryptocurrencies, go to the top center and click the orange wallet button (did we mention it was super simple to use?). Choose your cryptocurrency, and they’ll give you a wallet address. Instant deposits are available.

To withdraw, choose the withdrawal option from the same orange button. The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.002BTC (or equivalent altcoin). To complete a withdrawal, you must confirm your email address. Withdrawals are instant 99.9% of the time.

  • Minimum Deposit: N/A
  • Minimum Withdrawal: 0.002BTC

Primedice Minimum Deposit

At Primedice Casino, players have the flexibility to deposit funds using a variety of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, EOS, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and Tron.

Notably, Primedice does not enforce a minimum deposit requirement, allowing users to fund their accounts according to their preferences. This feature grants players the freedom to start gaming with an amount that suits their individual comfort levels.

With a range of cryptocurrency options and a lack of minimum deposit restrictions, Primedice offers a user-friendly and inclusive platform for individuals looking to engage in cryptocurrency-based online casino entertainment.

Primedice Withdrawal Review

When it comes to cashing out your winnings after a successful streak at Primedice, the casino offers a range of withdrawal methods identical to its deposit options.

Players can conveniently withdraw their funds using cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, etc.

Each cryptocurrency has its own minimum withdrawal threshold, ensuring flexibility for users. Bitcoin requires a minimum withdrawal of 0.002 BTC, while other cryptocurrencies have their respective limits.

Notably, there is no maximum withdrawal cap, giving players the freedom to access their winnings without constraints. Primedice’s withdrawal system caters to diverse cryptocurrency preferences while accommodating both small and substantial withdrawals.

Most Popular Slots at Primedice

Primedice distinguishes itself by offering a single, engaging dice game, foregoing the variety of traditional slot games. Players can enjoy the signature dice game exclusively available on the site. This dice game takes center stage on the homepage, offering players instant access and excitement.

In the dice game, participants simply bet their desired amount and roll the dice, making for a straightforward and streamlined experience. The game’s interface allows players to adjust the rollover percentage and payout multiplier using a user-friendly slider.

Shifting the slider left increases the probability of winning, albeit with lower potential payouts. Conversely, moving it to the right decreases the winning probability but unlocks higher payout multipliers. This strategic decision-making adds an element of risk and reward, allowing players to tailor their approach based on their preferences and risk tolerance.

While Primedice’s focus on a single-dice game may lack the variety found in conventional casinos, its simple and interactive gameplay provides a unique and engaging experience. Players looking for a distinct way to enjoy cryptocurrency-based gaming can find it in the dynamic dice game that Primedice offers.

Primedice Free Spins

Primedice, being centered around its singular dice game, does not provide any free spins offers. Unlike traditional online casinos that often include slot games with free spins promotions, Primedice’s exclusive focus on its dice game precludes the availability of such offers. Instead, players can engage in the dice game’s instant-access gameplay, adjusting their wagering strategies for chances at winning. While free spins are not part of Primedice’s offerings, the platform’s unique dice game provides an alternative and immersive cryptocurrency-based gaming experience for those seeking a different kind of excitement.

Customer Support

Primedice Bitcoin gambling has amassed a sizable following. The link “Forum” in the main menu takes you to this site’s forum. The fact that there are thousands of posts in every category on the forum has surprised us. There’s also an open chat room where you can communicate with other gamblers in real time. This is the best example of this gambling site’s enormous popularity. Furthermore, the helpful customer service team is available via live chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As a result, you will never have problems resolving your questions, doubts, or problems.

  • Live Chat: Yes
  • Email:
  • Twitter
  • Bitcointalk


There is unfortunately no mobile App available for Primedice. According to what the staff told us, a Primedice App for Android is something that could happen in the future. It won’t happen anytime soon though. Software for Apple’s iOS is much less likely to be available any point in the future. In addition to that, they said that they are happy with the Primedice mobile application. After closer examination, the reason becomes clear to us.

We used Chrome to access the website on our Android phone.We liked what we saw when we got there. It would be pointless to go into detail because the website is uncomplicated and straightforward to use. There are no problems to report. Everything in the text is legible, and there was very little that bothered us in any way. We did not like how you had to drag your finger across the screen in order to access some of the options that were available within the cashier tab when some of those options were cut off of the screen. If you could view them all at once, we believe that the user interface would be much better. However, that is just picking at minor details given how well the mobile version works.

Safety & Security

Primedice is one of the first sites to operate with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It has been around since 2013, making it one of the first serious casino platforms. The gambling community has a reputation for its high level of professionalism as a result of this factor.

A seal from the Crypto Gambling Foundation can also be found on the gambling establishments website. You can rest assured that playing at this casino is a safe bet. It has been awarded this certification from an independent third party.

When compared to more conventional options, the fact that it is powered by blockchain technology confers a number of significant advantages.

Primedice Casino Affiliate Program

Primedice, much like the majority of other major casinos that offer cryptocurrency gambling, provides all registered users with access to its affiliate program. Affiliates are eligible for commission payments for each player who uses a referred link provided by an affiliate to sign up for and participate in a dice game.

Because of this program, you are eligible to receive commission. It is based on the percentage of the house edge that is obtained when the referred players play here. This basically means that the affiliates get paid regardless of whether the referrals wagers are successful or unsuccessful.

The commission rate is locked in at 0.05 percent. This is quite low when measured against the standards of the industry. On the other hand, high-quality affiliates who are able to drive a greater volume of traffic to the platform might be given the opportunity to negotiate a more personalized and lucrative affiliate program deal.

Join the Primedice Casino Affiliate Program here.

Our Verdict

We are confident that after reading this Primedice review and learning about all of the features that we covered, you will have no trouble determining whether or not this online gambling platform is a reputable choice. Simply put, this website receives high marks in a variety of categories, including gaming entertainment, primary platform characteristics, community and customer support, provability, and level of anonymity. Because of this, we are unable to deny that this website deserves the high level of popularity that it enjoys among a significant number of players. And there are many compelling reasons for you to join their ranks. We recommend Primedice and believe it is top-class!

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FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Primedice A Scam Or Legit?

    This really is the million dollar question. Everyone has there own opinions. Some people like the Martingale strategy, some like betting treble the amount after every bet. The good thing about Primedice Casino is you can bet very small amounts of crypto.

  • How Do I Join The Primdice Affiliate Program?

    The affiliate section can be reached by clicking on your username and then clicking on the affiliate text. in that section you will find your own personal referral code and other important information such as your earnings and how many new players you have attracted. Earnings are available to withdraw instantly.

  • What Is A Primedice Bot?

    A Primedice Bot is software that is created to either try and cheat at a casino or to place automatic bets at break-neck speed. Usually Bots are frowned upon by casinos so it is better to stay clear of them. The site may end up banning you and you might lose all of your funds.