Bitstarz Casino: Registration Guide 2024

Bitstarz casino login can unravel a world of possibilities for you if you’re into crypto gambling. It’s one of the pioneers in the space and it offers some amazing promotions for new players. But there is one condition. You must complete the Bitstarz casino registration process.

How to do it, you ask? Well, that’s where our guide comes into play.


Create a Bitstarz Casino Account in 4 Simple Steps

Bitstarz Casino Registration Guide,

Let’s get your Bitstarz account up and running with the simple steps below.

Enter Your Email Address

The very first step of Bitstarz sign up is your email address. Enter a valid email address to get to the next stage of your account registration.

Create Your Login Details

The next step is to create the Bitstarz login details. Create a username and a strong password for your account. Every time you want to login down the line, you’ll need to use these details.

Choose Currency

The suggested currencies at Bitstarz casino are USD and BTC. But if you don’t want to use any of them, you have the option to choose from EUR, AUD, CAD, NOK, RUB, PLN, NZD, JPY, and BRL. As for cryptocurrency options, you get to choose from ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, and USDT.

Agree to the Terms and Claim the Welcome Package

The next step for you is to agree to the casino terms and claim the welcome package.


Things You Need to Do Before Being Able to Play at Bitstarz Casino

Before joining Bitstarz Casino, it’s key to know a few important things. First, if you’re planning to gamble using cryptocurrency, having a crypto wallet is essential. Without it, you won’t be able to buy or hold digital assets.

Also, you must be at least 18 years old and ready to provide KYC (Know Your Customer) details for verification. It’s important for preventing underage gambling and identity verification.

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